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Reality of Dreams - Sketch, illustration, and story archives

Am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?

dreaming butterfly
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A man fell asleep under a tree and began to dream. In his dream he was a butterfly that flittered around a human body that lay underneath a tree. When the man awoke, he wondered if he was simply dreaming that he was a butterfly, or if he was in fact the butterfly but now dreaming that he was a man.

The story of Reality of Dreams revolves around such a concept. What if the life we live now is simply a dream? And what if in our dreams, these were part of glimpses of our true "reality"...?

There are many theories and themes that gear RoD, including dreams, color theory, psychology, and the testing of the human mind. All of my main characters show a different aspect of the story and have their own theme of what drives them and either ultimately takes them over or they manage to conquer.

"The Reality of Dreams" is an original story written by myself, Raika Eva Mikata aka (Riftmaker). All characters, concepts, and ideas were created by myeslf unless stated otherwise.

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